We might have many reasons for learning the French language, but one prominent reason for learning French is that it is rich in culture and provides wider opportunities. The benefits of learning French are plenty. And in many countries, French is the second language in schools. Some people think that learning the French language is frivolous, but in truth, it is not so. 

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What is the real benefit of learning french? What assurance do I have for the time I spend learning French, and is that worth learning? 

In this blog, we shall discuss the benefits of learning French and French vs Spanish in detail. 

Where is French Spoken?

France, like the United Kingdom, went through an imperialist period that spread its language worldwide. We refer to these nations as francophones. 

Because they were once French colonies, 29 nations had French as their official language of communication. The only official language in the following nations is French:

Where is French spoken?

Since language is so flexible, learning any language would be challenging. French is the source of several words that we use in English. Some of these are simple to see, while others are not.

You may already know that words like soufflé, entrepreneur, and coup d’état have French roots. However, there are countless additional English words that we regularly use without taking into account their Gallic roots. Terms like money, guidance, honesty, television, and music have French roots. France is the source of about one-third of all English terms.

Should I learn spanish or french

Should I learn Spanish or French? This was the common question asked by everyone who tended to learn french.

Many of us would think that the French would provide no prospects, and the Spanish would offer wider opportunities. Also, we were taught that Spanish was much simpler.

Although studying Spanish has numerous advantages and is a great language, none of the above statements is accurate. French gives English speakers a respite in other areas, such as vocabulary, even though Spanish grammar can occasionally be simpler, and the accent is often thought to be easier. Due to the more significant number of Spanish speakers than French speakers, there may also be more employment opportunities for Spanish speakers.

French is becoming swamped by English vocabulary due to the many French speakers acquiring English. What use does it any longer make to learn French?

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The Benefits of Learning French Exceed Your Expectations in These 5 Ways

French has established itself as one of the top languages spoken worldwide

Five continents have native speakers of the French language. It is accepted as an official language in 29 nations, including Belgium, Switzerland, Monaco, Niger, Senegal, Togo, Canada, Mali, and others. 

Gaining fluency in French opens up the world to you

You can always use French to help communicate to the entire world because of the history of France, how much exposure it has had to various cultures, and how other cultures have influenced France.

As examples, consider the following:

  • Learning French allows you access to many interesting news media outlets, such as the international television network TV5MONDE, which broadcasts news and another French-language programming around the globe from France, Belgium, and Francophone Africa.
  • Newspapers in French that cover international news are readily available online.
  • You can broaden your perspective on current events and stay more informed by adding these to important English-language sites like CNN or the BBC.

 French is a favourite among language learners

The second most learned language in the world after English is French. This indicates that the learner of French has access to a vast array of resources and networks.

Additionally, learning French allows you to interact with those who have studied the language in addition to native French speakers. This is very useful when traveling. You might be understood by how many people you can communicate with if you already know English and learn French, especially in nations where neither English nor French is the official language.

The fact that French is still a true lingua franca on the global stage is one of the most significant advantages of learning it.

Increase career opportunities

For a very long time, Spanish has been taught more frequently than French in the United States, and it appears that it may soon surpass French in British schools as well.

When employment in your area for Spanish speakers does arise, there will likely be a more significant requirement of suitable applicants than when jobs for French speakers emerge. To discover work that would consider your French talents, you may need to keep an even closer eye out. 

It will be a better idea to start with French if you wish to master both languages. Despite being initially more daunting to speak than English, French’s similar vocabulary to English will make memorization easier. 

Then, it is simpler to transition from one to the other due to the lexical and grammatical similarities between French and Spanish.

French as an excellent confidence booster

As a stepping stone to learning complex languages, French is also an excellent confidence booster. Many of French’s most challenging parts are related to its precise grammar rules, which you’ll have to concentrate on mastering but which won’t necessarily prevent you from using the language for the time being. 

In this way, learning French can help you get in shape for more difficult language tasks while also giving you the joy of learning it as you go.

Now, you would have understood the benefits of learning French and Spanish or French, which would be the better choice. So, if you are interested in learning French, you can join French classes and learn four main aspects of the French language – speaking, writing, reading, and listening. 

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