Software Testing

Software Testing is the process of finding the software bugs with an automated process. So, that the
software or application meets the technical and business requirements. This process is to validate and verify the software or application. Software testing training is the best opportunity for the fresher’s who are seeking for a job. At present, the software testers have a lot of job opportunities in IT industry. Software Testing is the process of finding software bugs by testing with different OS and browsers.

Software Testing Tips and Tricks

1. Complete understanding of requirements no matters how long time it takes

Find all the dependencies of the module to the other modules. If you do not understand the application or module you can never test application. We have to figure it out any change in the module then what are the other places according to the module. We have to make the test plan according to the module.

2. Capability to analyze the bugs

It is important during reporting the tested bug. You have to mention how much priority and severity the bug has on the business level and application level. After analyzing the bug, you have to categorize as bug comes to the blocker or critical or normal. Software testing Training in Chennai is the best way to learn these tips and tricks in software testing. Give a proper reason why the issue is raised for which you have categorized as the blocker. Don’t be hurry to fix the issue in the system. Take some time understand the module and fix the bugs.

3. Don’t assume the things before testing

Many of the people used to assume the features of the system before testing and later on after testing it causes the problems in the system. If you are doing a big mistake by assuming the bug and it leads to the reporting of which categorized bug.

4.Use automation tool if it is necessary

All the time automation does not work if frequent changes going on because it’s really difficult to change the script for every new change. But automation really makes you work easily and accurate results are obtained.  So, more practices of automation will really help you to test the application. These tools will make you get the accurate results and work easily.

5.Spend more time for more bugs

If you are spending more time in testing it results in some more bugs. Sometimes you will have less time then you will quickly test and report. Sometimes it was urgent and we don’t have time to test its fine and before testing a task you must estimate the time. Test properly with particular scenarios and dependencies. There should be good understanding or communication between developer and tester. If you have any doubts about specifications. If you do not know about the specifications it clashes in the system.

6. Test in different OS and different browsers

You have to test with different OS and with different browsers. Many of the people used to test with one browser and send the report. The market is changing every second and new technologies are releasing into the market. You have to check with every OS and every browser in the market without failure which are compatible. No users are allowed to question about their devices that it is not working in other OS.For further details about Software training at Fita see the reviews of the students. So we have to be updated with modern technologies in the market.

7. Analyze even in Google Analytics

Most of the testers have no knowledge about the Google analytics. Google analytics will really helpful to the testers by analyzing the data about how many users are browsing at the particular browser, OS and how much time they stay on a particular page and which devices the users are connected more.

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