Selenium is the portable software testing framework for web applications. Selenium is providing the playback/record tools for authoring tests without learning a test scripting language. It has been providing the test domain-specific language in a number of various languages like Groovy, Java, Perl, C+, Ruby, Scala, and Python. Selenium Training in Chennai offers the well trained MNC professionals as trainers. These tests can run on Linux, Windows, and IOS operating systems platform. It is the open-source platform which has been released under the Apache 2.0 License software.

Steps to improve Skills in testing

These are the few steps to improve skills in testing are:

1.Configuration Management (CM) Software Experience

For implementing reliable automated procedures the Mitigating development drift is essential for more common CM tools. They help to manage the large systems and high volume databases. Without the use of the CM tools may result in the extension of time and with some of the issues. One or two issues results in the improper working of the automation testing.


Testing is used for troubleshooting methodology on a large scale to find errors that have not been made apparent, and automated testing is used with some programming tools to facilitate this process. If you intend to design systems that automate troubleshooting, you should have firm grasp on the technical aspects of this process. Selenium Course in Chennai at FITA is the best training institute to join in Selenium Course. Troubleshooting Knowledge will make you unable to function better and useful automated assistant.

3.Development Methodology

Proper testing requires the integrating a large number of systems together while incorporating a multitude of inputs. This is the reason why the workers are to be more familiarity with processes and standards, such as ITIL and DevOps Philosophy, play a role in the proper development of testing software. In-depth knowledge of these processes will help the production speed and you will deliver a good quality of output.

4.Coding and Scripting Expertise

There are few programming languages which are very essential in using of automated tests. They are designed for easy understanding and to ease the integration of coding from multiple programmers. We have some of the coding languages which are the need for software testing are C+, Python, Scala, Ruby, Perl, Java, and shell. Selenium Training is the best way to improve your skills in automation testing. Experts must have knowledge in one or two programming languages are necessary.


While certifications are recognition of skill with certain hardware or software, the importance placed on them by business indicates that how much important skills are even in specific fields of automation. The top certifications include such as PMP, MCSA, VMP, CCNP, various standard certifications, and CompTIA Server+. The PMP (Project Management Professional) certification also related to number three on the list. These are the few steps to improve skills in the automation testing.

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