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As manual testing has become obsolete, automation testing has emerged as a preferred way for extensively testing internet applications. Automation testing allows you to test web applications quickly and comprehensively, saving you time and money.

Although Selenium and Cucumber are similar in certain ways, each offers advantages and disadvantages that can make or break the automation testing process. 


Selenium is a free, open-source package for automating web application testing across several browsers and platforms. Selenium focuses on web-based application automation and does not enable desktop or mobile application automation. Selenium Testing refers to testing performed with the Selenium tool.

Selenium is a software suite that may adapt to an organization’s various testing needs.

Selenium suite has four components

  • Selenium Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
  • Selenium Remote Control (RC)
  • WebDriver
  • Selenium Grid

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Cucumber is a testing method that promotes Behavior Driven Development (BDD). It is an open-source application. Cucumber enables the creation of tests in a human-readable language. It uses the Gherkin language to explain the application’s behaviour.

Do you understand the Gherkin language? Cucumber’s Gherkin language is plain text with accessible and intelligible syntax. This assists the client or anyone else in the organization comprehend the software’s behavior.

Advantages of Cucumber

It is critical to discuss the benefits of Cucumber.

  •     Cucumber engages business stakeholders who can read code easily.
  •     Cucumber is all about the user experience.
  •     Simple test script architecture allows for easy code reuse in tests.
  •     Simple to set up and carry out.
  •     Many languages are supported, including Java,.Net, Ruby, and others.

Key Differences Between Selenium and Cucumber

  • Selenium is referred to as a browser automation testing tool, while Cucumber is referred to as a testing tool based on a behaviour-driven framework.
  • Test scripts in Selenium can be written in C#, Java, etc., while in Cucumber, test scripts are written in plain text language according to Gherkin language rules.
  • In Selenium, conditional statements can be used, while in Cucumber, we cannot use conditional statements.
  • In Selenium, scripts are written based on test cases and requirements, while in Cucumber, we write scenarios first and get it verified by the stakeholders.
  • Selenium scripts are complicated to develop and execute, while Cucumber makes it easy to write, develop, and execute the test. 
  • Writing Selenium scripts is similar to creating an application. Cucumber scripting is similar to documenting a procedure or functionality in the correct order.
  • Selenium is a set of software tools or a suite of tools. Each tools serves a different purpose and tests different functionalities. Selenium WebDriver, for example, is used to test Web applications across several browsers and platforms. Cucumber defines a set of words, and we must write the file in accordance with those terms for all supported systems.
  • Identifying syntax problems while creating in Selenium is simple. However, syntax issues are not detected while writing in Cucumber.
  • Selenium and Cucumber are different in terms of functionality and usage.

Finally, you enjoyed this blog and now understand everything about Selenium and Cucumber, including Exploring the Differences Between Selenium and Cucumber. 

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