Statical Analysis System (SAS)

SAS (Statical Analysis System) is a software introduced by the SAS institute for advanced analytics, multi-variate analyses, business intelligence, and predictive analytics. SAS is a software that can mine, alter, manage and retrieve data from a variety of sources and perform statistical analysis on it. The data step has two phases, compilation, and execution. SAS Training in Chennai offers the well trained MNC professionals as trainers. SAS programs have a DATA step, which retrieves and manipulates data, usually creating an SAS data set, and a PROC setup, which analyzes the data.

Components of SAS Language

Some of the components of SAS Language are

SAS Files

The most commonly used SAS file is SAS data set. An SAS data set is structured in the format that SAS can process.The common type of SAS file is an SAS Catalog. SAS Course in Chennai is the best place to join in SAS Course. An SAS stored program is a type of SAS file that contains the compiled code and create and save for repeated usage of this Code.

SAS Data Sets

There are two types of SAS Data Sets.They are:

  • SAS data file
  • SAS data views

SAS data file describes and physically stores your data values. It actually doesn’t store the data files. It is a query that creates a logical SAS data set if it can be used if it is single data set. It makes us store data in one or more SAS data sets or in the other set of vendors software files. SAS Training in Chennai offers the unique teaching methodology. SAS data views enable us to create logical data sets without using storage space required for SAS data sets.

SAS data set contains two types.They are:

  • Descriptor information
  • Data values

The descriptor information describes the contents of SAS data set to SAS. The data values are data that has been collected or calculated. They are organized into rows, called observations, and columns, called Variables. SAS Training institutes in Chennai at FITA is the best place to join this SAS course.An observation is a collection of data values that usually relate to a single object.A variable is the set of data values that describes the given characteristic.

External File

Data files that you use to read and write data, but which are unknown to SAS, are called External Files.  Data files are used to read and write the files. External Files can be used for storing the

  • SAS program Statements
  • Raw data that you can want to read into an SAS data file
  • Procedure output

Database Management System (DBMS)

SAS software used to write and read data into software vendors. DBMS(Database Management System) is used to store the data into the system by making the database.

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