Sharepoint Training in Chennai

sharepoint training in chennai

SharePoint is a business collaboration platform for the enterprise and the Web. SharePoint is a Powerful, reliable server platform which is designed to perform for a great of applications and services while suffering minimal downtime.

As the size of an organization grows, collaboration among people becomes very complex. SharePoint provides the flexible environment where you can work on feature rich project sites which end users can also manage. The application sharing and IM enables multiple people to collaborate in real-time

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Sharepoint Training Course Syllabus:

Introduction to Sharepoint

  • SharePoint 2013 Overview
  • SharePoint 2013 Architecture
  • SharePoint On-Premises and Cloud differences
  • Software & Hardware requirements
  • SharePoint 2013 Installation & Configuration of a New Farm
  • Exploring SharePoint 2013 Central Administration

SharePoint Architecture

  • About  Farm & Web Application
  • About Site Collection, Web & List

Security and Authentication

  • About Application pool
  • Authentication, provider  and  it’s management
  • User Groups Management

Web Application Management

  • New web application creation
  • Site collections creation
  • Manage site collections
  • Use Host header for site collections
  • Web application Content Database
  • default authentication Configuration

Managing Site Collection / Sub Sites / List for Real time scenarios

  • Manage Site collections
  • Manage sites
  • Manage lists (Lists / Libraries)
  • Site Templates
  • Create custom Site / List Solutions
  • Create / Use content types
  • Apply Security (Web application / Sub site / List / Items etc.)
  • Default office application integrations


  • Form Library
  • Introduction to InfoPath
  • InfoPath Form Creation
  • Types of Data Sources
  • Custom Code Implementations
  • SOA Samples


  • Design Manager
  • Device Channels
  • Import Design Package
  • Navigation
  • Page Layouts & Templates
  • Master Pages
  • Welcome Page
  • Image Renditions

SharePoint Editor / Designer

  • About  Designer & it’s User
  • Sites / Lists / Site Columns / Conte types etc., creation
  • Pages
  • Connecting Diff data sources
  • Custom master pages
  • Attaching / Detaching master pages
  • External content types

Real Time Development Practices

  • Development technics and Options
  • SharePoint API
  • Tools and Utilities
  • Packaging and Deployment Solutions
  • Farm Solution and Sandbox Solutions

Server-Side API / Object Model

  • Introduction to API
  • SharePoint Source Access
  • Using LINQ
  • More real time examples

Client Side API / Object Model

  • Introduction to Client API (CSOM)
  • Developing using .Net / Silverlight And Java script (ECMA)
  • Using LINQ.


  • About  Web Parts
  • Custom Web Parts creation
  • Web Part Custom Properties
  • Connectable Web Parts
  • User Control Bases Web Parts
  • Advanced Visual Web Parts
  • Web Part Architecture

SharePoint Advanced

  • What is SharePoint Features and it’s uses
  • Create custom Feature and Implementation
  • Event Receivers and its uses
  • Synchronous custom event receiver
  • Asynchronous custom event receiver
  • Remote receivers


  • Getting started  with workflows
  • SharePoint 2013 Default Workflows
  • SharePoint Designer 2013 Workflows
  • About List & Site  Workflows
  • Reusable Workflows

SharePoint Business Intelligence

  • Introduction to BI
  • Excel  & Access Services
  • Performance Services

Data Connectivity Services

  • Introduction to Business Data connectivity services
  • External content type creation
  • Connect to the Data sources

SharePoint Applications

  • Getting started with APPS
  • Integration of 3rd party APPS
  • Getting started with  Custom APPS & it’s deployment


  • Introduction to Search
  • Default search
  • Customization of Search result

Backup And Restore


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