Ruby on Rails Training in Chennai

Ruby on rails training in chennai

Ruby on Rails (often referred to as just “Rails”) is a framework for building websites that can make it more affordable to create and maintain your site, while simultaneously offering improved performance and faster development times. A key principle of Ruby on Rails development is convention over configuration. This means that the programmer does not have to spend a lot of time configuring files in order to get setup, Rails comes with a set of conventions which help speed up development. Whether you just need a brush-up or have never programmed with Ruby on Rails, you will be well-versed in what you need to know after taking up Ruby on Rails Training in Chennai at FITA.

Benefits of RoR:
1. Rails is good for rapid development, as the framework makes it easy to accommodate changes
2. Rails has developed a strong focus on testing, and has good testing frameworks.
3.Rails and most of its libraries are open source, so unlike other commercial development       frameworks there are no licensing costs involved.

What is Ruby On Rails?
1. Introducing Ruby on Rails
2. Why use Ruby on Rails?
3. Understanding MVC architecture

Installing Ruby on Rails on a Windows Machine
1. Xcode
2. HomeBrew
3. Ruby
4. RubyGems
5. MySql
6. WebServer

Getting Started
1. Introducing Bundler
2. Generating a Controller and Views
3. Server request Handling

Controllers, Views and Dynamic Content
1. Rendering templates
2. Redirecting actions
3. View templates
4. URL parameters

Models, ActiveRecords and ActiveRelation
1. Understanding ActiveRecord and ActiveRelation
2. Generating a model
3. Creating records
4. Updating records
5. Deleting records
6. Finding records

1. Relationship types
2. One-to-one associations
3. One-to-many associations
4. Many-to-many associations

Layouts, Partials and Views 

1. Layouts & Partial template
2. Text Helpers
3. Number & Date and time Helpers
4. Custom Helpers

1. Introducing the asset pipeline
2. Stylesheets
3. JavaScript
4. Images

1. Form helpers
2. Form option helpers
3. Date and time form helpers
4. Preventing cross-site request forgery

Data Validation
1. Validation methods
2. Using validating methods
3. Custom Validations

User Authentication
1. Introduction to authentication
2. Secure passwords
3. Login and logout
4. Cookies and sessions
5. Restricting access with before_action

Improving Simple CMS
1. Admin User CRUD
2. Nesting pages in subjects
3. Adding RubyGems: acts_as_list
4. Managing sort positions
5. ActiveRecord callbacks

REST and RESTful Routes
1. What is Rest?
2. REST HTTP verbs
3. RESTful routes
4. RESTful links and forms

Debugging and Error Handling 
1. Understanding Errors
2. Logging into LOG files
3. Debugging Techniques

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