Node.js Training in Chennai

node js training in chennai

Node.JS is a platform that is built for easily building fast, scalable network applications. Looking for high quality node.js training in Chennai? Learn Node.JS training from the Technology experts at FITA. FITA is rated as the best Training institute in Chennai.


Node.JS Course Syllabus:

Introduction to Node World

Introduction to Javascript event -driven programming
Introduction to Node event -driven programming

Making a web server

Webserver basis
How to set up a router ?
Serving static files / pages
Content caching
Streaming and optimization
File System Security issues and measures

HTTP Object

Processing POST Data
Handing File uploads
Using Node as HTTP Client
Implementing download Throttling

Working with Data Serialization

JSON to Object and Vice Versa
XML to Object and Vice Versa
Browser to Server communication

Working with Databases
Writing to a CSV File
Working with MySQL Server

Web Development with Express
Express scaffolding
Defining and applying environments
Dynamic routing
Templating IN Express
CSS engines with Express
Initializing and using sessions
Demo of making an Express web application
File System Security issues and measures

All about Security
Basic Authentication methods
Passwork cryptography
Setting up HTTPS
How to safegaurd your site from cross-site forgeries

Advanced Network Concepts
Sending Emails
Sending SMSs
Communicating with TCP
Creating your own SMTP Server
Virtual Hosting Environment

Writing customized Node Modules
Creating a test-driven Module Mock-up
Writing a fucntional module
Extending the module’s API
Deploying a module to npm

Getting it to production
How to set up production server environment
How to set up auto crash recovery
Continous Deployment in Node