AngularJS Training in Chennai

angularjs course chennai

AngularJS is a Google supported JavaScript framework used to create rich and powerful web applications. Even though AngularJS was released in 2009, it reached extreme popularity in the past 2 years and is now widely considered as one of the best cutting edge Javascript framework to develop web applications.

AngularJS extends HTML vocabulary to create more readable, faster and powerful web applications. Whether you are new to Javascript or familiar with Javascript, AngularJS training in Chennai at FITA is aimed at mastering you in AngularJS framework.

High-level AngularJS Course Syllabus:

Installation of AngularJS
Introduction to Browser Dependencies Manager
How to configure Browser Dependencies Manager
Installing Angular JS
Configuration of Angular JS
Strcuture of an Angular JS Application

Angular JS MVC Entities
Angular JS Views
Angular JS Controllers
Angular JS Scopes

Angular JS Routes
Introduction to Angular Route Module
Installing ngRoute module
Configuring ngRoute module
Angular JS application routes

Angular JS Services
Introduction to Angular JS default services
How to us Angulart JS services

Security with Angular JS
Rendering the user Object
Adding the Authentication service
Using the Authentication Service

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