Python Training in Chennai

Python Training in Chennai

Python Training in Chennai

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Are you wants to become a professional programmer, get started learning with Python Training in Chennai for more details make call @9841746595.

Get started programming with Python, one of the world’s most popular and versatile programming languages. Python is one of the popular programming language that is used in large companies like Google,  Yahoo!, CERN and even NASA. Whether you just need a brush-up or have never programmed with Python, you will be well-versed in what you need to know after taking up Python Training in Chennai at FITA.

Python is a highly dynamic object-oriented programming language. It plays an important role in the development of software. It helps to design software in an easy way of programming and better to read manner. Python was developed in the year 1980. Year after year, Python earned familiarity in a wide range of field from games, web development, engineering and so. It is still growing and is considered to be the most powerful language over other languages.

Our cutting edge of Python Course in Chennai provides real time project training for the fresher’s and experienced person, especially to those who have strong willingness to learn python, as it has tremendous scope in future. It’s very easy to learn and use Python by ourselves on a day to day activities like Emailing, Data Analysis, Commercial Operations, Web Marketing, Financial Strategies etc.,

Join FITA for Python Training in Chennai to excel as a professional. We provide our students with the latest syllabus on python so that they can gain up to date knowledge and become an expertise in it. Python Training is done by experienced real time faculties. Our classrooms are fully equipped, with not more than five students in a batch so that they could gain individual attention from our staffs. Our Python Training Institutes in Chennai provides unlimited lab facilities for students.

Python Course Syllabus:

Getting started with Python Training in Chennai

Variables, Loops, and Statements
1. Variables
2. While loop
3. For loop
4. If statement
5. If Else statements
6. If Elif Else Statements

Functions and Variables
1. Functions
2. Function parameters
3. Global & Local Variables

Understanding Error Detection 
1. Common Python Errors

Working with Files and Classes
1. Writing to a File
2. Appending to a file
3. Reading from a File

Strings & Collections
1. Strings
2. Bytes
3. Lists
4. Dictionaries

1. Creating, running and importing a Module
2. Defining functions and returning Values
3. Difference between Module Import & Module Execution
4. Documenting your code using DocString

Handling exceptions
1. Exceptions and Control flows
2. Handling Exceptions
3. Programmer Errors
4. Imprudent Error Codes
5. Re-Raising Exceptions
6. Exceptions, API’s & Protocols
7. Moment of Zen

Files and Resource Management
1. Files as iterators
2. Managing Files With Try.Finally
3. Writing Binary Files
4. Bitwise Operators
5. Reading Binary Files
6. Closing with Context Managers

Django ORM
1. ORM Configuration
2. Mapper Configuration
3. Relationship Configuration
4. Inheritance Mapping
5. Advanced Collection Configuration
6. Configuration Extensions
7. Declarative Extension
8. Association Proxy
9. Hybrid Attributes
10. Mutable Scalars
11. ORM Usage: Session Usage and Guidelines
12.Query API reference

Django Training:

The success of a Web application depends on factors like managing high traffic, maintaining site code, quick updates, bug tracking, ready-made tools, code re-usability, help for code development, etc all of which are important in a Web framework. Django is an URL driven Web framework. Developers could design their own URLs, and choose what was to be shown for that URL, quite unlike the frameworks existing in the market.

Some of the benefits of Django are:
1. Based on Python
2. MTV architecture
3. A Robust OMR System
4. Beautiful URLs
5. A powerful Template system
6. Automatic Admin interface

Who Should Take Django and Python Training?

You can take Django & Python Course even if you’ve never written a single line of code. This course is designed to familiarize you with general programming concepts using the Python scripting language. Python is widely accepted to be one of the easiest programming languages to learn for beginners.

Django Course Syllabus:

Introduction to Django
1. About Django
2. Django Components

Generating simple Django Views
1. About View functions
2. Using Django HTTP’s response class
3. Using Django HTTP request objects

Configuring URLconf’s
1. About URL Conf
2. Regular Expressions
3. Expression Examples
4. Simple URLConf Examples
5. Using Multiple URLConf’s
6.Passing URL Arguments

Scope of Python in IT industry

Python is extensively used by many of the Startup companies. This is the basic language for learning any programming language like C, C++, and Java. Many of the IT companies in India are looking for the Python Developers who are well experienced in programming. Python professionals are having the huge demand in IT industry. They are the leading python professionals with high pay scale in the IT market. Many of the professionals who are trained from FITA at Python Training in Chennai are placed in top MNC Companies.

FITA has been recommended as No 1 Python Training institute in Chennai.

Need Assistance on Django or Python Training in Chennai, call us @9841746595

Student's Reviews

<span>Python Training in Chennai</span>
" I was looking for good training institutes which offer the best python training I wanted to do this course as my job demanded, knowing python would increase my salary. My colleague suggested me to join FITA and I enquired there and was satisfied by the orientation session I joined the course and a few days back I completed the course and I'm fully satisfied with the training I got. I suggest joining FITA if you are looking for Python training in Chennai.Rating: 5 Python Training"
Asif Python Training in Chennai
<span>Python Training in Chennai</span>
" I have undergone Python training in FITA. It has been thoroughly professional and more detailed. My trainer has been exceptional, and drive us to achieve excellence, all of it are real-time and exceptional. I see it's not only a training center but a place creating real values. Thanks for all the training provided to me. I have referred and would continue referring for anybody who is in need of a good training on technologies.Rating: 5 Python Training"
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