Golang Training in Chennai

Golang Training in Chennai

Golang Training in Chennai

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Are you interested delegate to learn Golang Training in Chennai, Meet us,  we are ready to provide the Golang Course at an affordable price for more call @ +91 98417-46595.


Golang is an open source modular programming language developed by a small team at Google. Go is very efficient, expressive concise and clean language and it makes the developer more productive. It helps to reduce the compile time to support TDD (Test Driven Development), it is a simple language to learn and write when compared with other languages like ruby on rails, C, Python, etc., and it can be easily understandable with clarity and simplicity of coding. Using Golang you can compile the machine program faster as well &Golang has some special feature it can permit very advanced applications to be built.

Who can learn Golang Training in Chennai?

Individuals and intermediate developer who wanted to change over in their career and already having knowledge with some other programming; they can start learning the most precious Golang Training in Chennai. We concentrate on both execution and specification of the Go programming language. This Course can help the candidate who wants to get internal skills of the language or jump start in their career with Golang.

How we special at teaching in Golang Training?

We segregate our classes in weekdays and weekend, so you can get training on your convenient schedule. Golang has specially taught by the professional programming those can able to write the coding in very innovative and idiom phrasing method. We filtered out our faculty member to provide Golang Course in Chennai with some technical test, so that you will be perfect at Golang with the help of our experienced and highly skilled professional trainers. Here you can learn about how to write a coding in a syntax format and idiomatic writing style, to learn how to write a coding as maintainable and hard program that are ready for production part.

Golang Training Course Syllabus:

  • Idiom Syntax
  • Interfaces and Embedding
  • Array and methods
  • Slices & Maps
  • Concurrency pattern
  • Standard library
  • Testing method
  • Debugging
  • Channels and Race Conditions
  • Error Handling
  • Packing & Exporting
  • About Project structure
  • Using Pointers

“Knowledge is power” if you want to sustain as a skilled professional in the programming world, you should aware with the prettiest and most admirable language of Go. Our Golang Training institute in Chennai offers training with years of experienced professional those can write cod very productivity. Start learning Golang to get an unimaginable position in your career role, for more details about our Golang Training center make call @ +91 98417-46595.

Golang Training

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